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Data: 06-12-2014

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<a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> <a href=>botas timberland niño</a> Plus, do you know how expensive a Saturn V is? Like . . . a couple grand, at least. Over the course of months, Roberts hatched his plan to steal part of the moon. Eventually, he met and fell in love with an intern, Tiffany Fowler, who agreed to help him commit the celestial heist. So what sort of sophisticated Ocean's 11-style caper did they embark upon to snatch the precious space rocks? Did they need to steal security codes? Hack the surveillance cameras? Somersault in between security lasers?Ha ha, no! They just loaded the 600-pound safe onto a dolly and walked right out the goddamn door, presumably whistling nonchalantly the whole time. Brand X Pictures-Stockbyte-Getty Now, it's worth mentioning that Roberts was a little bit nuts. He admitted in an interview that, after making off with his prize, he took Fowler to a hotel room and put the moon rocks under the blankets so that they were "basically having sex on the moon. " We sort of get the appeal, but that still sounds uncomfortable as hell. Anyway, Roberts was eventually caught trying to sell his stash, valued at a staggering 21 million, to some undercover FBI agents. Because of course they were FBI agents. If you're advertising moon rocks for sale right after a historic theft of moon rocks, it doesn't take a super sleuth to deduce that they may in fact be the same moon rocks. Jon Feingersh-Blend Images-Getty Images <a href=>zapatillas MBT</a> As we've pointed out before, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the street lamps along that road are illuminated by feeble attempts at self-improvement. The cold, harsh reality is that sometimes doing the right thing doesn't necessarily pay off. For example . . . <a href=>nike air max 9</a> <a href=>Chanel Sale</a> 3. It Goes Way Beyond Sharing PicturesAlessandro de Leo-iStock-Getty ImagesMaybe you're thinking that this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. Sure, it's a massive violation, but the Internet is nothing if not massive and violating. What are the odds of someone you know actually recognizing you, let alone bringing enough attention to affect your life?IuriiSokolov-iStock-Getty Images <a href=>Jordan iv For Sale</a> byLogia19. <a href=>MBT Zapatos Outlet</a> Also known as a "dick-down rodeo. "Yes, Burnside Fountain, also known as Turtle Boy for no-shit-related reasons, is very much a memorial. Turtle humping probably wasn't part of the original plan; it entered the equation when the artist that was supposed to sculpt the piece passed the gig to his protege, who was evidently just tinkering with sculpting to pass the time until deviantART came along. The end result of this unfortunate process was revealed in 1912 and has since enjoyed cult status as one of the most skull-crappingly stupid things in existence. Really, the turtle's expression says it best:Via Wikipedia <a href=>Zapatos mbt</a> Which looks like it was just bought from the toy section at Walmart. Still, surely that's about as bad as it can get. It's not as if the artists, hah, represent Germany as a set of huge autobahns forming what looks a lot like a broken swastika. Via Artinvestment. ru <a href=>Zapatos MBT</a>

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<a href=>Discount Timberland Boots</a> <a href=>Cheap Timberlands For Men</a> Well, shit. You get the picture -- Entropa insults every single nation in the Union like that. France is perpetually on strike, Scotland is a bunch of shitty marshlands and a set of bagpipes that fart out random tunes, Sweden is an IKEA box, and the Czech Republic shat a brick as it realized it had just started its reign by brutally mocking every single one of its friends. It was soon found that the whole "27 artists" thing was a complete fabrication. Entropa was the work of none other than Czech artist David Cerny, a familiar face on Cracked's statue lists and a professional waver of sculpture-shaped middle fingers. Via Bbc <a href=>precio botas timberland</a> 4. The Flying StegosaurusEvaK, Via WikipediaEver since the stegosaurus was first discovered in 1877, scientists have had a hard time figuring out exactly how those trademark plates were arranged on its body . At first it was thought that they lay flat on the animal's back, covering its vulnerable flanks like a suit of armor:Frank Bond, via Wikipedia <a href=>Botas Timberland para hombre</a> <a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> s about insulting someone and more about letting everyone around you know that you attended a couple Romantic Literature classes in college. As for where it comes from, most people imagine a mythological fairy that would dance out of the woods wearing a veil of rotting flesh and steal an innocent teenage boy's virginity. Photos <a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> idea behind the column. That was the case a few weeks ago when I wrote about organizations that get more hate than they deserve. The original idea was for that to be a column all about how silly it is to watch wrestling as an adult. If you read it, you know I didn't bash wrestling at all, but instead took a shot at explaining why some people take the "sport" as seriously as they do. What changed? Well, if you give it a listen, you'll note that most of my points in that entry come from the conversation I had with John Cheese on the podcast that accompanied the column. He made such a strong case for why wrestling isn't as silly as it seems that it completely changed what I wrote. The same thing happened with the podcast this week. Don't worry, I won't hide it this time, you can listen to it right here. I'm joined by a bunch of super duper guests, including the likes of David Huntsberger, expert comic and host of an amazing podcast called Professor Blastoff, and Jeff May, a comic who enjoys hockey. More importantly for the topic at hand, though, is the third guest, Brian Dunkleman. <a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> Look at the size of that thing!Still, this is America's pastime we're talking about, and those freakish growth spurts just happened to coincide with a home run race that reignited interest in a game that a lot of people had rightly written off after a series of labor disputes made everyone in the league look like an entitled twat. Wikipedia <a href=>MBT Shoes</a> <a href=>Timberland</a>

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