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Data: 17-12-2014

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<a href=>Christian Louboutin Outlet</a> <a href=>Moncler Jackets Sale UK</a> <a href=>Moncler Outlet UK</a> A typical Cracked reader at age 5. The time the "your body will naturally make enough milk" mantra starts sounding accusatory and discouraging is after a mom has tried everything and it's taken its toll. When I came to this point, I had been trying all sorts of things: feeding 30 minutes every two hours all day and night, taping tubes onto the nipple to sneak milk into the baby's mouth, and in between that, pumping with a human milking machine and trying every stupid herb and weird food that people suggested. The baby cried every time he was put on the boob, because he's not dumb and he knew it was mostly empty. I also cried, because my nipples were raw and blistered and bleeding and it was agony whenever he latched on. To go back to the log analogy, this is the moment where the guy is exhausted and his body is falling apart from trying to rescue his best friend. He's got a dislocated shoulder, and every attempt is torture. He is going to keep trying because this is his best friend, just like I'm going to keep trying because it's my baby. He is probably also going to be a bit discouraged if someone just shrugs and says, "Well, that's what your muscles were made to do. It should be the most natural thing in the world," because how did that person get there and why isn't he helping? But also, that's not a real encouraging thing to say. Getty Thinkstock <a href=>MBT Movimiento</a> DOUBLE NOPE. Not since Twilight have teenagers gotten such terrible treatment. Notice the dinky tassels flaccidly hanging off the monsters' heads and how they seem to be sporting Superman logos on both cheeks and foreheads. If you've ever wondered what it would have looked like if Canada had invented luchadores, there you go. Speaking of Canada inventing weird things . . . <a href=>Timberland work boots</a> <a href=>baratas botas timberland high top</a> "You're a Muggle, you know that Dolores? Write it down. Write 'I AM A USELESS NO-MAGIC MUGGLE. '"I am sorry about the condition of the rooms. Specifically, the condition that there weren't any. It turns out that a building with lots of individual rooms is really expensive, and that a building with just one really big room is much cheaper. Another interesting thing, it also turns out, is that warehouses suitable for active-minded seniors located in the city's fat-rendering district are the cheapest of all. On that subject, I'm sorry the tour of the Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience that I took prospective clients on didn't match the quality of the actual, warehouse-based Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience. The tour you went on was at a very nice home called the Sunny Daylight Retirement Community, where I was employed from December 2013 through to December 2013. They're an excellent shop, full of rooms and doors and other equipment. Now that I no longer compete with them, I have no problem recommending them; they're very well run. PhotoObjects-Getty Images <a href=>Air Jordan 13</a> "I still have all the big numbers, but there's no food left. Luckily, I'm too rich to be bothered by this incredibly subtle moral. "Even if the bank were to fail, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ensures people get their money back. Which means your hero isn't fighting for justice but lowering insurance premiums. Which they'll negate by smashing the place up and killing people. Even the insurance company would tell them to get their ass out of the building faster than the speeding bullets their presence will cause. An untrained uberhuman leaping into a hostage situation is selfish: They're the only person guaranteed to be fine in the ensuing hail of automatic fire. In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker endangers everyone in the bank, including his own Aunt May, trying to stop Doc Ock from taking someone else's money. Money Ock would otherwise have mechanically strolled off with. Nobody died, no thanks to Peter "Let's start a fight with the homicidal maniac in a crowded civilian area" Parker, but the collateral damage easily cost more than could have been stolen. They took out dozens of apartments and cars in their building-side battle. They were barely out the door before they destroyed a taxi. Which brings us to . . . <a href=>MBT Zapatos Outlet</a> byJohn E. 15. <a href=>Zapatos mbt</a> The disk is just Depeche Mode MP3s. In hindsight, this reads like a stealth advertisement for Subtlety in Screenwriting and You, considering that Neo eventually does pull a Jesus by coming back from the dead. But a little less subtle is Choi somehow managing to read from Neo's completely blank facial expression that he is stressed out, and telling him:"It sounds to me like you need to unplug, man. "This is of course soon followed by Neo literally unplugging a bunch of cables from his body and waking up in the real world through what can only be described as a virgin birth. Warner Bros. <a href=>MBT Zapatos</a>

Data: 26-10-2015

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Data: 13-12-2014

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<a href=>timber land</a> <a href=>timber land</a> <a href=>timber land men</a> Two New Shirts of Technological Majesty!The really fun thing about technology is mixing its highest achievements with humanity's lowest impulses . So please enjoy this week's first new shirt of ours, from the company outing that just has to eventually happen:At least 2 out of 3 wet clairvoyants agree that you'll look great in this Minority Report-inspired celebration of corporate social requirements! The design comes to us from William Slone, and Philip K. Dick, and a clothing factory, and a bleak outlook on the future!With this week's other new design, we asked ourselves what could possibly be done to make "Piano Man" feel fresh again. The answer by Scott O'Gara and Andy Hunt: a heady mix of technology, the Transformers 4 trailer, and taking titles as literally as possible. The drunks coming to see your Piano Man will be there to glimpse a terrifyingly awesome robot future, decide to sober up once and for all to enjoy it, and thank you for being so awesome. <a href=>timber land boots</a> 5. Kick-Ass 2 Stuntmen Heroically Save Woman at Comic-Con Luke HonestKick-Ass was that movie where a bunch of normal people decide to dress up as superheroes and fight crime. The film did well enough to warrant a disappointing sequel that was basically just a regular superhero movie with more F-bombs -- the scrawny protagonist from the first one is now a beefed-up crime fighter, and Hit Girl is pretty much Batman with pigtails. Universal Pictures <a href=>timber land boots</a> <a href=>timber land men</a> byj2117. <a href=>timber land boots</a> If you're in deep space when it happens, you die, and there's no way to detect it ahead of time. Occasionally a solar loop will get so big that it results in an X-class solar flare, a huge explosion that appears to rip holes in the sun itself:NASA-JAXA <a href=>timber land</a> The dark spots around the eyes and their relentless appetite for stealing garbage has earned the raccoon the label "Nature's Bandit," <a href=>timber land men</a> "We asked Superman to just drop the money because we've always wanted to try this. "Modern banks are protected by insurance networks more indestructible than adamantium. Even if the world dies in nuclear fire, some exclusive bunker will hold an accountant etching ledgers in his own blood, mixed with engine oil from the ventilation system to make sure it stays in the black. PhotoObjects-PhotoObjects-Getty Images <a href=>timber land men</a>

Data: 13-12-2014

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<a href=>Cheap UGG Boots</a> <a href=>UGG Australia|UGG Zappos</a> "Dammit, what does it all mean?"When authorities searched his house, they also found a bunch of fossils he'd stolen from some museum in Utah. So either he was history's biggest science nerd, or he was frothingly insane. You can be the judge. <a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> erate flailing as you try to do martial arts means achieving nothing while everyone beats you to a pulp. And we don't buy video games to simulate the real effects of trying karate in a fight. Xonox <a href=>Air Jordan Retro 5</a> <a href=>Ugg 5815 Sale Outlet</a> 4. Mark Twain Bullshitted His Way Out of a DuelWiki CommonsThe "father of American literature" really needs no introduction. The quintessential American author, humorist, and satirist has been universally loved and admired by everyone from peons to American presidents to European royalty -- with the exception of one guy who wanted to give him a fatal, . 58-caliber body piercing. Before publishing any of his great works, the newly christened Mark Twain was editor of the Virginia City Enterprise. In his capacity as editor, Twain took it upon himself to relentlessly critique and slander James Laird, the editor of a rival newspaper. Twain's incessant needling built up to a head, and when it finally blew, Laird challenged him to a duel. Twain readily accepted -- a decision that, in retrospect, seemed a bit rash, given the facts that Twain barely knew "which end <of>the revolver] to level at the adversary" and that Laird was "longer and thinner than a rail. "Mathew Brady <a href=>zapatos timberland españa</a> "Your dick. That could've been your dick. "Needless to say, Laird called off the duel, and the future of American literature was saved via a combination of luck and trickery that would make Loki jealous. <a href=>timberland winter boots for men</a> 4. Never Shit in Front of Your Significant OtherHemera Technologies-AbleStockThere are two types of couples in this world -- couples who poop in front of each other and couples who love each other. If you're in a relationship right now, take a moment to ask yourself which category you fall into and then start planning the next step of your life accordingly. If you're stewing in the filth of your own disagreement right now, I have a few questions. First, why are you so goddamn gross? No one wants to see you shitting, I promise. Hell, no one even wants to hear you shitting. That might even be worse, in fact. The walls in my current apartment are sort of thin, and I say "sort of" because it's only a problem in the bathroom. I hear next to nothing from my neighbors in any other room, but in the bathroom, I hear everything. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance, I'm pretty sure I know my neighbor's wife way better than he ever will. Comstock Images-Stockbyte-Getty <a href=>UGG Zappos</a> 5. Chinese Netizens Skirt Censorship With Memes ToaboaChina extinguishes free speech like novelty candles on its birthday cake. Which is to say that every time they stomp it out, it comes sputtering back to life again. They've arrested bloggers for exposing the country's rampant corruption, sent journalists on "forced vacations" -- but the will of the people is indomitable. But what can be done by people who are unwilling to risk martyrdom to fight the power? You can't even flip the government the bird, because they will confiscate and imprison that bird forever. But you can flip them the alpaca:Angelo DeSantis <a href=>cheap timberland boots</a>

Data: 13-12-2014

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<a href=>timber land men</a> <a href=>timber land men</a> <a href=>timber land men</a> for him. Columbia Pictures <a href=>timber land</a> Availabe at Busted Tees1> <a href=>timber land</a> <a href=>timber land</a> byj2117. <a href=>timber land men</a> Moe insurance, moe problems. That's not really Moe from the Three Stooges. I just thought that if you're going to gaze into the sad eyes of an actor who sold his dignity for the scraps of money he made from this insurance ad, it might as well be someone I'm familiar with. It was a toss-up between Moe and that guy I pushed off some scaffolding that time, since he was making the exact same face. If tortured faces thrashing in agony don't push a product, maybe illustrations of domestic violence will. Have some delicious Kellogg's corn flakes!Kellogg's <a href=>timber land boots</a> o forge ahead, in grand Chris Bucholz tradition, heedless of the consequences. As per the ancient custom, I've broken up my apology into individual apologies. I'm first sorry that I went into this so under-prepared. I have little personal experience with the elderly, my own grandparents having forsaken me from birth, claiming there was no forgiving what I would one day do. My main experience with the well-aged prior to this episode, then, was in the form of things I'd learned from video games, where the elderly are often an excellent source of healing spells. That none of you could cast even the mildest of buffs on me was, I admit, disappointing. I think that set the whole relationship off on the wrong foot. I'm sorry for all the childish mocking after we got things off on the wrong foot. BananaStock-Getty Images <a href=>timber land boots</a> "We asked Superman to just drop the money because we've always wanted to try this. "Modern banks are protected by insurance networks more indestructible than adamantium. Even if the world dies in nuclear fire, some exclusive bunker will hold an accountant etching ledgers in his own blood, mixed with engine oil from the ventilation system to make sure it stays in the black. PhotoObjects-PhotoObjects-Getty Images <a href=>timber land boots</a>

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<a href=>Botas Timberland 10061</a> <a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> Sadly, we've come to expect stories about politicians and police officers abusing their power in awful ways. But there's no reason they should get to keep all of that shit for themselves -- after all, with a little creativity and a lot of insanity, anyone can abuse their position for fun and profit. It's just a little harder to get away with it, apparently . . . <a href=>Calzados MBT</a> 3. Mining Company Accidentally Fills Creek With Concrete Trying to Repair AreaPhotosAustralian mining company and po <a href=>Vans Old Skool</a> 锘?a href=>chanel bags</a> Professor Annmarie Chiarini, Anisha Vora, and Dr. Holly Jacobs have a few things in common: They've all had explicit photos of themselves shared online, and they've all decided to do something about it. In August of 2012, Jacobs started EndRevengePorn and quickly found out that the concept of pornography as vengeance is even stranger than it sounds when we type it out like that. Working with Vora and Chiarini, she discovered that . . . <a href=>Jordan 3</a> Because film studios won't be happy until every penny has been violent squeezed from a creative concept, we live in a world with 50 different movies about Batman and horror franchises that seemingly have no end. In an effort to push producers onto the next cash cow so we can watching something newish already, our readers have put together film remakes filmmakers can pick and choose from. 100 went to the winner . . . 26. <a href=>Jordans Retro Shoes</a> "Actually, Disney sued. It's 'Jake Ward' now. "Jack Ward, also known as "Birdy," was a 16th century English pirate who terrorized the Mediterranean and eventually converted to Islam, taking on the name Yusuf Reis. For 15 years, Ward-Reis sailed the coast of North Africa, plundering ships and commanding hundreds of men, until he became something of a pirate celebrity. There have been songs and entire theatrical plays written about the man, and by all accounts his larger-than-life, drunken legend eventually inspired one of Disney's largest and sexiest cash cows. The Islamic coin is just one clue, but there is more to support this theory. Jack Sparrow's headband, for example, does sort of kind of resemble a turban style worn in Islamic countries, plus the type of mascara he wears is known as kohl, which was primarily available in North Africa, where Jack Ward operated. Also, after hours of Googling, I discovered that sparrows are in fact birds, and "Ward" and "bird" both have four letters, and also Jack Ward was nicknamed "Birdy," ergo ipso facto randomus latinus, Disney is secretly converting children to Islam with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. <a href=>Jordans Retro Shoes</a> "Fuck you for visiting!" <a href=>MBT Movimiento</a>

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<a href=>zapatos timberland</a> <a href=>zapatos timberland españa</a> Did you think the real De Niro would agree to Little Fockers?Authorities busted him in 2001 and charged him with two counts of criminal impersonation for his crimes. They held him overnight and released him on 100 bail, probably because they were afraid that if they locked him up for too long, he'd come out covered in tattoos to terrorize Nick Nolte and his family. <a href=>Air Jordan 3</a> If we just sew limbs back on every time you cut one off, then you won't learn anything. It sounds like the prologue to the story of a cannibal serial killer, but Economou's explanation for keeping the morbid trophy was a little more mundane -- she claimed she wanted it to help train her body recovery dog to find injured people in disaster zones. Because even when she was committing a horrifying crime, she did it like a goddamn Girl Scout. As part of her defense, Economou assured that when she found the foot, it was an "unrecognizable mass of flesh. It wasn't a clean cut. You couldn't even recognize it as a foot. " Oh, well, then it's not weird at all that you took it and shoved it in your pocket for your dog to play with. She was charged with second-degree petty larceny and sentenced to six months' probation. She also had to step down from her job, leaving St. Lucie County minus one shithouse-insane emergency responder. Jochen Sand-Photodisc-Getty Images <a href=>Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max</a> <a href=>christian louboutin 120</a> "COXcum469 doesn't throw praise lightly. You should be honored. "There's some kind of general assumption that, once you send nudes to somebody, the picture is theirs to do with as they please. But the gift of an intimate photo doesn't automatically include permission to plaster that photo on the Internet, any more than telling someone where you hide your spare key so they can feed your cats gives them permission to post that information on Craigslist under the title "FREE CAT MEAT. " <a href=>Air Jordan 13</a> byRutledal24. <a href=>Jordans 4 For Sale</a> No other art form can quite match the surprise factor of a truly beautiful statue. There's no equal to the gut-wrenching elation you experience when you unassumingly walk around a corner and find yourself face to face with a well-sculpted, awe-inspiring piece of art. Or, if you're going for the exact opposite of that feeling, you can just stumble ass backward into one of these fucking things. <a href=>Jordan 23 Shoes</a> Some of them more literal than others. The rest of the story is Politics 101. The Czech Republic immediately removed Entropa and apologized to everyone, and the first order of their presidency was to relocate Cerny to Antarctica. Ha, no! They totally displayed the piece for well over a year after the Czech EU presidency ended, and after that they put it on permanent display in an esteemed science center. Cerny waltzed away with a shit-eating grin and is still gleefully wreaking havoc with works like . . . <a href=>Zapatos MBT</a>

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<a href=>UGG Zappos</a> <a href=>cheap timberland boots</a> 5. Flesh-Eating Terror ElephantsRyan Somma, via WikipediaDespite its awesomely death metal name, there's nothing particularly scary about a mastodon . . . unless you lived in the 1700s, when it was assumed that mastodons had an insatiable hunger for human flesh. See, unlike vegetarian elephants and mammoths, whose teeth are flat so they can mash up soft plant matter, mastodon teeth were terrifying jagged saw blades bigger than a man's hand:Kathryn Scott Osler-Denver Post-Getty Images <a href=>timberland mujer</a> Although we have to admit, it'd be nice to appear deep in thought while scratching your ass. The trouble is, dinosaur books kept teaching the butt-brain hypothesis as a fact for so long that it became firmly lodged all the way up the public's imagination. The myth still pops up from time to time, too . . . like in Pacific Rim, where one scientist casually quips that the giant kaiju need two brains to walk around, "like a dinosaur. " Not that anyone holds up Pacific Rim as a pillar of scientific authority -- the movie gets a pass for being generally awesome and never giving the slightest shit about realism in the first place. But how about Discovery Channel specials? In the series Clash of the Dinosaurs, guest paleontologist Matt Wedel discussed the evidence against the two-brain hypothesis in a filmed interview, but since double-brained dinosaurs make for more fascinating TV, the editors deliberately chopped his words until he endorsed the idea. Only after he issued a bitter complaint did Discovery try to set his words straight . . . long after the myth was spread to thousands of viewers. What a bunch of butt-brains. <a href=>precio botas timberland</a> <a href=>chanel outlet sale</a> 4. A "Moot Point" Was Something Really Important That Everyone Needed to DiscussJohn Foxx-Stockbyte-Getty Images, Jupiterimages-Photos-Getty ImagesIn general parlance, something is considered a "moot point" if there's no reason to talk about it anymore. If you're out of pretzels, arguing about who ate the last one is a moot point because obviously you're going to have to go get more. If you're shot in the leg, whether or not you're practicing effective gun safety is a moot point because you need to get to the hospital. If you're sitting in, say, a jail cell in New Jersey on the morning of June 23rd, 2007, exactly who it was that threw a firecracker at a cop, climbed a flag pole, pulled down his pants, and started singing the National Anthem while replacing every third word with fart noises and ruined the family vacation is a moot point . . . dad. Comstock-Stockbyte-Getty Images <a href=>timberland winter boots for men</a> idea behind the column. That was the case a few weeks ago when I wrote about organizations that get more hate than they deserve. The original idea was for that to be a column all about how silly it is to watch wrestling as an adult. If you read it, you know I didn't bash wrestling at all, but instead took a shot at explaining why some people take the "sport" as seriously as they do. What changed? Well, if you give it a listen, you'll note that most of my points in that entry come from the conversation I had with John Cheese on the podcast that accompanied the column. He made such a strong case for why wrestling isn't as silly as it seems that it completely changed what I wrote. The same thing happened with the podcast this week. Don't worry, I won't hide it this time, you can listen to it right here. I'm joined by a bunch of super duper guests, including the likes of David Huntsberger, expert comic and host of an amazing podcast called Professor Blastoff, and Jeff May, a comic who enjoys hockey. More importantly for the topic at hand, though, is the third guest, Brian Dunkleman. <a href=>timberland boots sale</a> 3. Jose Canseco Outed Steroid Users Before It Was CoolVince Bucci-Getty Images Entertainment-Getty ImagesIt's probably hard to imagine now, but once upon a time, accusing Major League Baseball players of using steroids wasn't a cool thing to do. Sure, Mark McGwire sprouted the forearms of a comic book hero in the span of a year or so, and Barry Bonds experienced head growth at a similarly suspicious rate. Justin Sullivan-Getty Images News-Getty Images <a href=>christian louboutin 120</a> <a href=>timberland boots outlet</a>

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<a href=>botas Timberland baratas Invierno</a> <a href=>botas timberland niño</a> <a href=>Botas Timberland para 2014</a> byskglim18. <a href=>zapatillas MBT</a> Dear Former Customers and Survivors of the Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience,The abrupt shutdown of my Conclusive Living Community has caused much reflection and soul-searching on my part, and after locating my soul, I was somewhat surprised to find out that it feels sorry about a few things. Medioimages-Photodisc-Getty Images <a href=>Christian Louboutin Shoes</a> <a href=>Cheap Mbt Shoes</a> "Ohhh, are they stealing my money, ohhh are the raccoons about to breach the barricades, ohhhh I'm so confused. "I am sorry the Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience staff was borrowing your money, with the full intent of repaying it once certain "sure-fire" investment opportunities paid off. And they did pay off! The Chris Bucholz Holiday Timeshare Experience admittedly lost money, but by diverting incoming funds from the Chris Bucholz Investment Club and the Chris Bucholz HOOOONK, You've Won a Free Cruise Scheme, this meant every one of you was eventually paid back. Everyone wins!I'm sorry for those of you who invested in the Chris Bucholz Investment Club and the Chris Bucholz HOOOONK, You've Won a Free Cruise Scheme. You definitely didn't win. I'm sorry about the music that was ever-present in our home. I understand that you had different tastes in music, but you have to understand just how powerfully uncool those tastes make you look. Stepping off the pop culture treadmill like that is taking a large step towards death itself, and I want you to fight, dammit. Stay cool, old people. D. Anschutz-Photodisc-Getty Images <a href=>Air Jordan 13</a> Chris Bucholz is a Cracked columnist and cannot be saved. Join him on Facebook or Twitter to watch his inevitable descent. Always on the go but can't get enough of Cracked? We have an Android app and iOS reader for you to pick from so you never miss another article. <a href=>MBT</a> Available at Shirt. Woot3> <a href=>Jordan 23 Shoes</a> The disk is just Depeche Mode MP3s. In hindsight, this reads like a stealth advertisement for Subtlety in Screenwriting and You, considering that Neo eventually does pull a Jesus by coming back from the dead. But a little less subtle is Choi somehow managing to read from Neo's completely blank facial expression that he is stressed out, and telling him:"It sounds to me like you need to unplug, man. "This is of course soon followed by Neo literally unplugging a bunch of cables from his body and waking up in the real world through what can only be described as a virgin birth. Warner Bros. <a href=>MBT Baratos</a>

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